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Over the years, our firm has produced a formidable blend of expertise and experience in the provision of upbeat quality legal services founded on professionalism and integrity.

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Godson Akhidenor
Managing Solicitor

Godson Akhidenor

Godson Akhidenor is the Managing Solicitor of Sheila Solicitors.
He is a proficient draftsman and a litigation expert. He is involved in critical pending Appeals capable of developing the Nigerian jurisprudence. Godson is a Human Rights Crusader whose voice is gaining credence on print, electronic and social media. He is a member of the International Bar Association, Nigerian Maritime Law Association (NMLA) and a Chattered Tax Consultant.

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Professional Team

Our attorneys are experts in areas such as Corporate & Commercial, Maritime/Admiralty/Shipping, Oil & Gas/Energy, and lots more


With more than a decade of experience in law practice, We are bent on giving you the best possible result for your case – whether through trial or settlement, we have got you covered

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Our priority is to give you high-quality legal services and excellent approaches to addressing legal issues. We will work with you to produce the satisfaction you desire.


Our fees are moderate and affordable. We are passionate about providing accessible and affordable legal services to address our clients’ needs.

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